Father Edison Pamintuan M.S., Pastor


These norms are presented so that you may better plan your wedding at Immaculate Conception Church. It is important that the bride and groom understand these norms as they are ultimately responsible to communicate these norms to family members and/or wedding coordinators who might be assisting with wedding planning.  The bride and groom cannot completely “turn-over” the wedding details to others, and should know all the details of what others propose to do at the wedding in our church.

The Sacrament of Matrimony is considered a “Sacrament of the living.” This means couples should be free of serious sin.  It is strongly recommended that couples go to confession a week before their wedding.



Weddings may be scheduled in our church Mondays through Saturdays.  You may schedule a Saturday wedding at one of three times:  10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. or 2:30 p.m. (There is more flexibility in scheduling a weekday wedding than scheduling a Saturday wedding.  Please note: I generally do not schedule Friday wedding Masses because that is my day off. However, our deacons are available to hold a wedding ceremony (not a Mass) for you on a Friday if you wish.)

Weddings are not allowed on Sundays and during Holy Weeks.  Weddings are also discouraged during the Season of Lent.


Rehearsal times are scheduled for 7:00 p.m. the night before the wedding.  Please note that I do not live on the church property.


Our church is systematically decorated with flowers every Friday according to the particular liturgical season.  Our usual flower decorations are very beautiful and are arranged by very talented flower arrangers. Wedding parties are NOT to move or remove our flower decorations in the sanctuary of the church (the area around the altar).

If you want to add flowers, you may put floral displays on shorts stands on either side of the altar. Flower arches are not allowed in the church.

Please, no petals (or rice) to be thrown or placed on the floor of the church, due to a recent slip and fall accident.


The furniture, statues and other decorations in the sanctuary MAY NOT BE MOVED OR REMOVED FOR A WEDDING. The sanctuary of a church is considered a holy space and is not a stage that can be rearranged for a wedding.  Also, aisle runners are not allowed in church.

We have 48 pews in the church (24 on each side).  You may decorate the pews with flowers or bows, however, decorations may not in any way hinder access to either end of the pew.  We have a set order for the procession into the church and we don’t allow bridal parties to reverse the procession, coming into the pew from the side opposite the main aisle.

If there is a Saturday morning funeral, the wedding party can begin decorating the church at noon.  If no funeral is scheduled the day of the wedding, the decorating may begin any time after 8:00 a.m.


ONLY APPROVED CHURCH MUSIC MAY BE PLAYED DURING A WEDDING MASS OR CEREMONY.  Please save your selection of popular or show tune music for your reception. 

We have a new state-of-the art Crown sound system in church that will play CDs or iPod music.  The system is computer preset and easy to use, either for microphones or recorded music.

If you are in need of a musician for your wedding, please call or text Millie Curtis at (808) 346-9002. She can help you select appropriate church music.  If you have hired your own musicians, it is your responsibility to make your own arrangements to pay them.


Flash photography and video lights are discouraged during a wedding ceremony, however, may be used after the ceremony while taking group pictures. In general, you will be given about one hour for picture taking after your wedding.  On Saturdays, all picture-taking must conclude by 4:00 p.m.

Please remember that PHOTOGRAPHERS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO ENTER THE SANCTUARY OF THE CHURCH ONCE A WEDDING CEREMONY BEGINS. Photographers may DISCRETELY move around the church during the ceremony, however, they should not be setting up posed pictures of people in the congregation during the ceremony.  Picture taking during the homily (preaching) is not allowed.

If the wedding photographer or videographer has any questions about what is allowed or not allowed during the wedding ceremony, he/she should talk to the priest or deacon BEFORE the wedding.


Alcohol is not allowed on church property.  Please be aware that members of the wedding party are not to consume alcohol before the wedding ceremony.  If a priest or deacon is concerned about a bride or groom consuming alcohol before a wedding ceremony, he may postpone the wedding.

8.  FEES

There is no set wedding fee for parishioners, however, free-will offerings are accepted. For non-parishioners, the fee is $1,000 for use of the church. Altar servers are usually given a money gift of $20.  Stipends for the church, altar servers and music minister are given on the wedding day before Mass.


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