Immaculate Conception Church


The purpose of the parish pastoral council is pastoral planning and creating a vision for the future of the parish. The council is consultative and advisory to the pastor.  Members prayerfully investigate and discern issues of concern to the whole parish and make recommendations to the pastor for goals and actions. 

Areas of concern include matters important to the whole parish: evangelization, faith formation, stewardship, leadership, worship, social ministry, youth and young adults, marriage and family life, and community life.  The community will regularly assess the progress and issues relating to the implementation of the parish pastoral plan and identify obstacles to implementation and identify ways to address and overcome the obstacles.  A strong emphasis and support for the parish’s stewardship efforts is vital.


Ale Quibilan


Frank Guarin


Tom Brown

John Constantino

Dcn Bill Farias 

Jocelyn Iwata

Dcn David Kane

Michael Layosa

Frank Guarin

Lini Tangatailoa

Loisi Tangatailoa


Parish Pastoral Council Statutes


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